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The Golden Thread


Outside Kolkata, jute mills crank on, virtually unchanged since the industrial revolution, perpetuating harsh working conditions but offering an ecologically sustainable alternative to plastic. Following jute work alongside the creative labour of the film’s own making, The Golden Thread puts the analogue and digital, the early industrial and post-industrial, into experimental recombination and asks whether an alternative future can emerge from the near dystopian present.


Director/Producer: Nishtha Jain

Cinematography: Rakesh Haridas

Location Sound: Partha Burman, Kalhan Raina, Kinkini Deb

Assistant Director: Moinak Guho

DIT and Assistant Editor: Nairita Klaus Thakurta


Co-Producers: Frank Engel & Elize Kerseboom (Zeppers Film et TV, The Netherlands)

Co-Producers: Irena Taskovski & Morana Komljenović ( Koleks DOO, Bosnia & Herzegovenia)

Distribution: Taskovski Film 

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